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Meet Dale J. Ream, Registered Patent Attorney

For inventors who are willing to put a little sweat equity into development and commercialization, sound legal advice and professional contacts are extremely valuable. An inventor can make his or her own success with the right balance of legal protection, nonlegal guidance and old-fashioned hard work.

Dale J. Ream is so much more than just a patent lawyer. He is a product developer and an inventor mentor for independent thinkers and entrepreneurs across the country — and he has been for 20 years. He has developed a network of contacts inventors are looking for.

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A Nationwide Patent Attorney Who Is Midwest-Friendly

Inventors live in a competitive environment that can feel fraught with high risks and only occasional reward. Dale Ream is the mentor and legal advocate you want at your side during a patent or trademark process. He has spent his entire professional career working with and for innovators.

As a registered patent attorney, Dale has prosecuted hundreds of patent applications of all types to issuance. He has made numerous winning arguments to patent examiners that resulted in patent issuance.

We are a nationwide law office for establishing, producing and promoting patents, trademarks and copyrights. Dale is a Midwestern-friendly attorney who started out scooping manure out of pig stalls and now helps inventors’ dreams come true. He has helped his inventor clients earn six- and seven-figure returns after securing a patent or trademark. In other words, after the patent is granted, Ream Law is just getting started.

We Are Ready To Help You

Do you have questions about patents, trademarks, copyrights or any phase of the intellectual property legal process? Schedule a free consultation to review patents authored by Mr. Ream and find out more about how Ream Law Firm, L.L.C., can help you meet your goals. Call 785-214-4137 or use the firm’s online contact form to schedule a meeting.