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Nationwide Patent Attorney

Nationwide Patent Lawyer and Inventor Mentor

Ream Law Firm, L.L.C., is a national intellectual property law firm with a registered patent attorney and staff that have been in the new product development industry for more than 15 years.

Ream Law specializes in working with individual inventors who may be new to inventing, patenting, licensing and other facets of developing, or acquiring domestic or international manufacturing.

Ream Law’s founder and registered patent attorney, Dale J. Ream, is SO much more than just a patent attorney. He is an “inventor mentor,” providing legal services, product development guidance and business counseling on a variety of topics to his independent inventor clients. He also assists in obtaining the appropriate legal protections to enable his clients to take the necessary steps toward market introduction of their products or services.

Mr. Ream has become the perfect “product guidance counselor” to the individual inventor seeking to make his or her ideas a reality.

Dale J. Ream — SO Much More Than Just a Patent Attorney!

Ream Law recognizes that an inventor is often charting new territory, seeking to bring an idea to life while protecting his or her future standing against cut-throat competitors and being careful not to infringe on an existing patent owner — all this while nursing a tight budget.

Ream Law understands the difficulties of product development and is eager to counsel inventors regarding financial options for obtaining legal and nonlegal objectives. In addition, Dale J. Ream is an excellent and personable communicator with his clients.

Find out what our many satisfied clients are saying about us. Examine plenty of sample patents. Then arrange your free initial consultation with patent attorney and inventor mentor Dale J. Ream of Ream Law Firm.

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