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Ream Law Firm, LLC, helps inventors across the United States prepare and file their patent applications, and then pursue their approval through the U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Attorney Dale J. Ream will advocate for you with a patent examiner to help speed your application toward approval.

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Attorney Dale J. Ream has focused his entire career on trademark and intellectual property law. With over 15 years of experience working in product development, Dale has built lasting relationships that can assist inventors and innovators develop, commercialize, and protect their creative works. Ream Law, L.L.C. is a nationwide office that has assisted clients across the U.S. to establish, produce, and promote patents and trademarks. If you have a brand that needs protecting, attorney Dale J. Ream has the experience and the legal resources to ensure your creative works will be taken care of.

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Do I Need a Patent Attorney?

Yes—you’ll need an attorney to navigate the USPTO process.

If you have an original invention, a patent will protect your rights as the inventor. A former engineer, Attorney Ream has helped obtain over 900 patents for clients nationwide and has been specializing in patent and trademark law for two decades

The Steps in the Patent Process

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    Document your invention

    You need to maintain thorough documentation of your invention, including descriptions and diagrams. A working prototype can also prove invaluable. Run your “proof” by your patent attorney.

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    Make sure your invention is original

    The USPTO requires you to research to see if your invention is truly original. This can be time-consuming and complex. A patent attorney can help validate the originality of your invention.

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    File with the USPTO

    Patent examiners concentrate on whether your invention is novel or original enough to qualify for acceptance. With the help of an experienced patent attorney, you can expedite the process.

Need help obtaining your patent?

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Working together to protect your invention

Ream Law Firm, LLC has the resources to put you in a position to develop a winning patent application. A registered patent attorney for 25 years, Dale Ream is an authentic communicator who can advise and guide you before, during and after you submit your application. The application is just the beginning.