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Intellectual Property Basics

Nationwide Intellectual Property Law Attorney

Ream Law Firm, L.L.C., works with entrepreneurs, inventors and independent businessmen and women in Kansas, across the Midwest and throughout the country, protecting their intellectual property and turning their ideas into revenue-generating products and services.

Our shingle says “intellectual property attorney,” but our services provide so much more than that. Our clients can go quickly from patent to prototypes to manufacturing to sales.

An inventor himself, Dale Ream has more than 20 years of product development experience, including product design engineering, prototyping, patenting, licensing and direct manufacturing. Dale is a mentor for his clients, offering sound legal and business advice not only on all facets of intellectual property matters, but also on how IP relates to the complete process of taking your idea from concept to moneymaking reality.

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An Inventor Needs An Attorney And Coach Who:

  • Makes business deals
  • Is connected with prototype professionals
  • Knows international manufacturing
  • Knows licensing for royalties
  • Is passionate about branding (trademarks)
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Our Extra Effort Makes A Difference

Like other firms that assist with patents, licensing and trademark law, Ream Law helps individual inventors protect their dreams with appropriate intellectual property rights. But unlike any other intellectual property law firm we know of, Ream Law Firm helps clients make the right business decisions to bring a product to market, collect royalties or sell a patent outright. Literally, Ream Law has done all of this for its clients.

At Ream Law Firm, we work to reach lasting solutions that you simply won’t receive from lawyers who merely provide patents. Our clients are inventors from a diverse cross-section of industries and interests who are willing to work hard on their own, but appreciate expert guidance from a lawyer who has firsthand experience in all aspects of product development.

Are you a small business or inventor looking to go straight to a manufacturer to produce product for sale on or your own website? Ream Law Firm has developed expertise in generating dimensioned manufacturing of computer-aided drawings (CAD) and a bill of materials (BoM), with every cost itemized and ready for a purchase order. This is not as hard or expensive as you might be thinking!

We have spent nearly two decades providing inventors the legal and business assistance that brings their products to market and puts money in their pockets.

We Are Ready To Bring Your Idea To Market

Ream Law Firm, L.L.C., can help you make your idea more than just an idea. The initial consultation with attorney Dale Ream is free. Call 785-214-4137 or use our online contact form to tell us more.

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