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Nationwide Patent/ Trademark/ Copyright Lawyer

National Product Concept Design Attorney

For complete patent legal services, including search and application, copyright and trademark advice, licensing and commercialization — and much more — look to Ream Law Firm, L.L.C., for the legal leadership and moral support that independent inventors and their unique ideas deserve throughout the U.S.

Founder Dale J. Ream is SO much more than just a patent lawyer. He is your inventor mentor, nationwide. He has more than 15 years of product development experience in product design engineering, prototyping, patenting, licensing and direct manufacturing.

Ream Law offers sound advice not only on all facets of intellectual property matters, but also on how IP relates to everything else that can make your invention a reality.

Ream Law Firm specializes in helping individual inventors protect their dreams with appropriate intellectual property rights and make the right business decisions that further those goals. In most cases, this can mean putting your product idea on the market, collecting royalties or selling a patent outright.

Ream Law Has Done It All — and Continues to, for U.S. Independent Inventors

Dale J. Ream gives you the facts, options and encouragement you need for sound decisions in patent law practice areas that include:

Ream Law is the right choice for inventors with an entrepreneurial spirit: those who are willing to work hard on their own, but with expert guidance from counsel experienced in all aspects of product development.

Do you have questions about patents, trademarks, copyrights or any phase of the intellectual property legal process? To arrange your free initial consultation with nationwide copyright attorney Dale Ream from wherever you are in the U.S., contact us at 785-214-4137 or by e-mail.