A National Patent Law Attorney — And So Much More

The patent search that confirms the originality of your idea for a marketable invention is just one of many legal services provided by our national law firm for independent inventors — Ream Law Firm, L.L.C.

A global patentability search searches the patent office databases from around the world and compares the most relevant results to your invention disclosure to determine the possible effect of those patents on the potential to be awarded a patent on your invention.

Is A Patent Search Necessary?

It is advisable to conduct a patent search prior to filing a patent application so that it may be determined if an invention has a high likelihood of being granted a patent upon substantive examination.

Attorney Dale J. Ream prepares a patentability opinion letter after a patent search has been conducted. The opinion letter will compare your invention to the patents deemed most relevant by the searcher and then give recommendations on the merits of further product development and appropriate type of patent application.

The term “inventor mentor” not only rhymes — it is a fact when applied to Dale Ream and his successful work with innovative entrepreneurs across the country. He is so much more than just a patent lawyer. He has more than 20 years of product development experience, including product design engineering, prototyping, patenting, licensing and direct manufacturing.

Ream Law Firm offers sound advice not only on all facets of intellectual property matters, but also on how intellectual property relates to everything else that can take your invention from idea to reality.

Put Our Experience In Your Corner

Ream Law Firm actively directs its practice to the preparation and prosecution of patent applications and vigorously represents the intellectual property rights of inventors before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Patent prosecution refers to the process of engaging in a back-and-forth written and oral dialogue with a patent examiner to determine the scope of patent protection an invention is entitled to, as described in a patent application. Dale J. Ream has obtained well over 450 patents for his clients over the past decade.

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