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A license agreement is a contract that permits a person or a company other than the owner of the patent to make, sell, import, etc. — in other words, all the things a non-owner is generally prohibited from doing — as if he were the owner, in exchange for paying royalties to the patent owner. This is often a good option for a patent owner who may be unable to fully exploit the value of his patent on his own. Large companies also choose to license some of their patents as a means to receive royalty revenue from a non-core aspect of their business.


Commercialization of a patent owner’s rights encompasses licensing and many other means for generating revenue from the patent asset, such as:

Direct manufacturing — Another means by which an individual inventor may profit from his invention is to take it directly to the market in the same manner that small and large businesses do. In today’s age of fast global communications and the low cost of early manufacturing, an individual should investigate obtaining product samples or small inventories, often through international manufacturers. Attorney Dale J. Ream has a wealth of connections that can help inventors to obtain prototypes, product samples and product inventories, along with starting websites to sell directly to the consuming public. With Ream Law Firm, L.L.C., the individual inventor is not alone in navigating the development highway.

Patent purchase — Sometimes, a patent may be purchased outright because it is so similar to a new product being readied for market by another company. We have brokered the outright sale of a client’s patent when neither licensing nor direct manufacturing was possible. In each instance, the patent sale was pursued after other avenues of commercialization undertaken by the inventor had proven unsuccessful.

Patent monetization — In recent times, patents are increasingly monetized by being purchased by entities that create large patent portfolios in order to bring new innovations to market that may otherwise infringe one or more patents. Ream Law is on the cutting edge of this rising phenomenon. Dale continues to increase his networking connections in this area for his clients’ benefit.

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